Monday, 31 December 2012

My Best Moment, 2012

My best moment was an early morning close encounter with an inquisitive red squirrel, on the Underscar Estate, near Keswick in Cumbria, who decided it was time to pose for me.

I was unaware at first that this red squirrel was watching me from a very safe distance as I put hazelnuts into a hiding place in the boundary wall.

With its ears poking upwards it seemed captivated watching where I would move to next. It seemed to know if it waited patiently I would leave it to eat the nuts in peace.

When it feels I've retreated to a safe distance, it creeps into the boundary wall and checks out the hazelnuts.

The bold squirrel uses its nose and whiskers to select the chosen nut.

King of the castle, the red squirrel savours the hazelnut.

A privileged moment for me on the morning of 20th November. These six shots were taken in sequence very quickly. I love how this red squirrel could show me so many poses in so short a time.