Saturday, 26 January 2013

Britain's Favourite Bird.

This photo shows our national bird in all its glory. Look after your garden robins well, this winter, as average life expectancy is only 1.1 years, due to high mortality in their first year. Getting beyond this is a blessing and they can then live as old as 12 years!

I find robins so photogenic. They turn to the left, to the right, face on, stand with their back to you and look over their 'wing' at you.

You can feed robins food such as mixed seed, nyjer seed, fat balls, suet sprinkles, sun flower seeds, peanuts as well as kitchen scraps like mild grated cheese, cooked rice and porridge oats.

It is the Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend (26th and 27th January 2013) giving people across the UK the chance to be part of the world's biggest wildlife survey. If you wish to take part details can be found at