Monday, 22 April 2013


Tree Sparrows are birds of farmland,hedgerows and woodland edges.They are not associated with man in the way that the House Sparrow is in the U.K. Many people think of them as the country cousin to the House Sparrow.

Last week in East Yorkshire once I had "got my eye in",they were easy to separate from the House Sparrows.This is a good time of year to spot them before the leaves appear on the trees.

They are described as a small,tidy looking bird.A chestnut crown and black patches on the cheeks tell it apart from the house sparrow.

From a colony of Tree Sparrows can be heard a "teck-teck" call.

I find them fascinating to watch as they are so agile.Often they are described as "birdorable".

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

East Coast Easter Break.

Bitterly cold easterly winds prevented the seabirds arriving to reclaim their cliff nesting sites.Interesting to watch their arrivals with the changes in weather conditions.The agile razorbills claimed their ledges.Wonderful orange mouth linings are seen as they start to bill to each other.

                         Observing the razorbill from Bartlett Nab observation point.