Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Underscar Red Squirrel Photography.

    During our August stay at Underscar I was pleased to be asked, "How can I obtain some good red squirrel photos to email home to my friend?"

    I hope the advice I gave resulted in some good photos for the young girl who asked me this question. Here is the advice I would give.

    Early morning gives more opportunities for red squirrel shots as they are a lot more active at this time.

    The feeder containing hazelnuts at the top of the woodland walk is a favourite stop off for early morning red squirrels.They usually come up the steps or use the rope rails of the woodland walk to get to the feeder. Early morning will see me on the woodland walk always wearing clothing to try and blend in with the beautiful foliage. I too use the rope rail.

                            Can you spot me as I blend in with the background


One early morning I was fortunate to get several shots of the red squirrel on the black pole.

                                          Red squirrels can be left or right handed.

                                 Red squirrel using its tail to achieve perfect balance.

                     Head and body length is 18-24cms,and the tail can be 14-24 cms.

    Instead of looking for red squirrels you need to listen for them.When they are feeding you can hear them nibbling on the nuts.

    If you see a red squirrel in the Underscar gardens do not take your eyes off it.Usually it will have a hazelnut it has taken from one of the feeders. Quite often it will go a short distance from the feeder to enjoy the nut.

    Be as quiet as you can as you watch the red squirrel nibbling. Noise and particularly movement disturbs the squirrels more than anything.The more relaxed you are the better shots you will capture.

    These are my two favourite photos from my August stay which I emailed to my friends. Hazelnuts were hidden in the log.This red squirrel found them quickly.The photos reveal how he has lost a piece of his ear in a disagreement.

     The red squirrel photographed here looks so healthy.So yet again such a big thank-you to the Underscar owners who carry on purchasing the red squirrel cards.All the monies raised provides supplementary feeding for the Underscar Red Squirrel Colony.