Saturday, 5 October 2013


      If you're nuts about squirrels, it's Red Squirrel Week this week!

      The Underscar Timeshare Owners have certainly got involved in Red Squirrrel Week, through helpng our beautiful redheaded friends by purchasing red squirrel photo cards - all monies raised from the sale of these cards provides supplementary feeding for the red squirrels on the Underscar Estate. And also new squirrel feeders were purchased this year with the monies raised.

       To celebrate this special week for these beautiful redheads, here are some photos which I took during August on the Underscar Estate.Yours to enjoy!

"Today's an umbrella day!"

"What do you mean I've made a mess with these shells, what do you think this long tail is for?"

"Only the best will do. The man from Delmonte says yes!"


                                                      "I'm looking at the view."

                                                  "Clear off! I was here first!"