Friday, 31 January 2014


January is the time to check out the heronry at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. On our way through the Park we are stopped in our tracks by two new sculptures. The Buddha provides a welcome jolt of colour when the clouds roll over.

The bronze figure is 9ft tall. The sculpture is called Network and is the biggest piece to date by British artist Tom Price.

Next stop is the heronry.This is an ideal nesting spot for the grey herons.No signs of any activity here yet.The chicks I observed last year are likely to rear their own chicks in these same trees.

It was the beginning of February last year when the herons started to check their nests out. It was fascinating to watch how they picked a spot to land and then walked along to the nest.

Their wingspan is as long as my arms. They are called the Lancaster Bomber of the bird world. They fly with wide methodical strokes all the time looking for a meal.Only this last year I have developed a really strong interest in studying them at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

It was lucky I could just see between the branches. At the beginning of May last year the chicks were begging for food. I watched frantic feeding frenzies where fish were regurgitated to the chick.

This is my favourite photo. The chicks are ridiculously gawky with punk hair. I think they are the most dishevelled chick you could see. I was lucky I could see the tassel on top of its head clearly.

Back to the heronry at the end of May and surprise --  "How you have grown."

The adult and chick always seemed to be looking the same way.

At the beginning of June the chicks have started to fish. They have a prehistoric look about them. I could easily imagine them back in prehistoric times.

The chick still has a bad hair day everyday.

Two weeks later this chick has moved into the lake to fish. I could'nt decide if this was just a practice run with the stick or if the chick is just a bad fisher! 

The grey heron can live along time ---- well over 25 years.I am looking forward to observing the cycle all over again this year.