Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Wish you were here.

Due to their exceptional sense of balance and physique,red squirrels can explore every nook and cranny searching for hazelnuts.

Each August when we arrive at Underscar, I place a feeding log on Derwent Apartment patio. Hazelnuts are placed on top and inside the log.The red squirrels soon appear.

This squirrel perched on its hind legs watches carefully the walkway below checking to see if families are walking past on their way to the bistro or swimming pool. He decides to retrieve a nut from inside the log.

He chooses so carefully rejecting some. A very sensitive nose means he can determine whether food is still edible or has gone off, based on how it smells. I get lucky now as this red squirrel jumps onto the log to enjoy his hazelnut.

I was asked by a dad in the apartment above if I produced postcards as well as cards to raise money for the supplementary feeding of the Underscar red squirrel colony. His little boy wanted to send a card home to his grandma to say 'Wish you were here'. This pose seemed to fit the brief, so 500 of these cards will raise money this year, to keep the Underscar Red Squirrel Colony in good health.

This squirrel worked hard emptying all the nuts from the feeding log within an hour.

Their furry tail is almost as long as their entire body and helps them maintain their balance.

The postcards, badges, and cards can be found on reception at Oxleys. All monies raised provides supplementary feeding for the Underscar Red Squirrels. I would like to thank all the staff who make this supplementary feeding possible, and all the timeshare owners who purchase cards.