Sunday, 3 August 2014

Up close and personal.

Underscar red squirrels make for great subjects to photograph. I set up in June a special coconut feeder on the pine tree at the top of the woodland walk.

Through observing and studying red squirrels for such a long time,you begin to see their different personalities. One may be bold and mischievous, whilst another may be cautious and shy.I was lucky within the hour a bold squirrel was investigating this new object.

It was so carried away with acquiring its preferred hazelnut that it allowed me to get up close and personal to keep clicking away with my camera.

The details can be seen in this red squirrel's claws as it selects exactly the hazelnut it desires.

                     Beyond a hazelnut's shell there is a tasty kernel to be eaten.

With a perfect branch to balance on this red squirrel was quite contented to let me stay up close and personal. I took many photos and it was possible for me to make every image different from the last.

Oh dear all the nuts have disappeared.

Thank-you for the refill.

Now which one shall I choose?

At the end of the afternoon I returned to the woodland walk and this same bold red squirrel was still bounding down the wall to its coconut feeder.The distinctive deeper russet coloured stripe down the centre of its back makes it easy identifiable.

I hope if you visit Underscar this summer you will spot "STRIPE."