Monday, 21 September 2015

Foraging for Breakfast.

They say, " the early bird catches the worm. " That is why this photographer is filling the feeder with hazelnuts at 5.30am on an August morning.I didn't have to wait long before a red squirrel came for breakfast.

The squirrel held the nut in its jaw and scampered along the wall displaying wonderful agility skills, as captured when tracking the movement with my camera. It took 7 seconds to travel the length of the wall and into the wood.

A little while later the same red squirrel returns to select a hazelnut and stays to eat the nut whilst perched on the branch.

The same red squirrel returns for a third helping of hazelnuts which it buries to hopefully find later.

A red squirrel has an exceptionally good sense of smell.They can find buried food underneath a foot of snow and know if a nut is rotten without opening it. Hope this red squirrel finds this nut during the winter. 

This photographer is now going for her breakfast!

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  1. ...and well deserved.... fabulous, just fabulous. Jx